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Where Is The Comet?
Diners, Zippy & Dives 3
Background Music, "Diner Talk" By BadaBing BadaBoom
From the Album Mood Swing And Other Favorites
Above Photo Courtesy of Seth Gaines' photostream

This page has photos of our 1961 Comet
taken in front of Diners and Dives in Rhode Island.

Did you know the Diner originated in Rhode Island. The origins of the diner can be traced to Walter Scott, a part-time pressman and type compositor in Providence, Rhode Island. Around 1858 when Scott was 17 years old he supplemented his income by selling sandwiches and coffee from a basket to newspaper night workers and patrons of men's club rooms. By 1872 business became so lucrative that Scott quit his printing work and began to sell food at night from a horse-drawn covered express wagon parked outside the Providence Journal newspaper office. In doing so, Walter Scott unknowingly inspired the birth of what would become one of America's most recognized icons -- the diner.
From American Diner

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Where Is The Comet Diners & Dives
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RI Diners That Are gone.

Diners That Have Gone To Die.

Diners That Are On Their Way Back.
Original New York System, Providence RI

Click to enlarge picture

Original New York System, Providence, Rhode Island
Established in 1927, the Smith Street Original New York System is indeed the first of its kind. The weiner is smaller than your standard frank and much redder in color. They are topped in a hamburger meat sauce along with chopped onion, mustard and celery salt. What actually constitutes a weiner is an industry secret, making it a true mystery meat.
Zippy the Pin Head visited the New York System.

Stateline Diner, Foster RI

Click to enlarge picture

Stateline Diner, Foster, Rhode Island
The State Line Diner, a handsome Worcester Lunch Car (#846), has done a bit of traveling. Manufactured in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1955, it was first sold to a Mr. and Mrs. Bonthilier in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Whether they ran it as a diner in that location is currently unknown. The next we hear of it, it's in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, possibly under the name Big D's. It wasn't until sometime in the 1970s that the diner was moved forty miles northeast to Foster, Rhode Island, where it was called Ricky's Kitchen. It's not known when the diner's current moniker was adopted. - From
Zippy the Pin Head visited the State Line Diner.

Tex Barry's Coney Island, Attleboro MA

Click to enlarge picture

Tex Barry's Coney Island, Attleboro, Massachusetts
Tex Barry s Coney Island Hot Dogs was once part of a chain of 14 outlets in the southeast part of the Mass. of which only 2 survive. The other one is in Taunton, Mass. The Diner is housed in a 1926 vintage Worcester Lunch Car(#542). It was originally the Country Diner

Seaplane Diner, Providence RI

Click to enlarge picture

Seaplane Diner, Providence, Rhode Island
The Seaplane Diner is a Jerry O'Mahoney model car, built in Elizabeth, N.J., in 1953. Under the name Girard's, it was originally located in Woonsocket. It was moved to Providence in 1973 and renamed for its proximity to a seaplane port which is no longer extant. - From

Girard's Diner on Clinton St., Woonsocket

Girard's Diner Creamers
Milk Jug, Smithfield, RI

Click to enlarge picture

Milk Jug, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
Ice cream stand built in 1929 in the shape of an old-fashioned cream can. It is 32' tall, a wood-frame structure with its cap and handle made of sheet metal. It was originally in Lincoln, RI with a twin in North Providence, RI that was later bulldozed. The ice cream parlor was sold in 1947 and added burgers and other foods. In 1960, it added a roofed patio for outdoor dining. The Can closed in 1968.

2009 Lincoln Christmas Ornament. The Milk Jug with a 1961 Comet in front. Wonder where they got that idea?

Chadwick Diner, Worcester, MA

Click to enlarge picture

Chadwick Diner, Worcester, Massachusetts
Ralph's Chadwick Square Diner is a Worcester (#660) from 1930. The diner was moved here in 1979 from Chadwick Square. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Miss Worcester Diner, Worcester, MA

Click to enlarge picture

Miss Worcester Diner, Worcester, Massachusetts
The Miss Worcester Diner, aka "Miss Woo", is a Worcester (#812), built in 1948. The building across the street from it was the manufacturing plant for Worcester diners for many years.
Zippy the Pin Head visited the Miss Worcester Diner.

Corner Lunch, Worcester, MA

Click to enlarge picture

Corner Lunch, Worcester, Massachusetts
The Corner Lunch is a DeRaffelle built in the mid-1950s. It was originally located in Babylon, NY. In 1967, it was updated by Musi who lopped off about one third of the diner and put it in back for a kitchen. It was installed in Worcester in 1968.
Zippy the Pin Head visited the Corner Lunch Diner.