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Where Is The Comet?
Diners, Zippy & Dives 6
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Above Photo Courtesy of Seth Gaines' photostream

This page has photos of our 1961 Comet
taken in front of Diners and Dives in Rhode Island.

Did you know the Diner originated in Rhode Island. The origins of the diner can be traced to Walter Scott, a part-time pressman and type compositor in Providence, Rhode Island. Around 1858 when Scott was 17 years old he supplemented his income by selling sandwiches and coffee from a basket to newspaper night workers and patrons of men's club rooms. By 1872 business became so lucrative that Scott quit his printing work and began to sell food at night from a horse-drawn covered express wagon parked outside the Providence Journal newspaper office. In doing so, Walter Scott unknowingly inspired the birth of what would become one of America's most recognized icons -- the diner.
From American Diner

Where Is The Comet
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Where Is The Comet Diners & Dives
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RI Diners That Are gone.

Diners That Have Gone To Die.

Diners That Are On Their Way Back.
Mill Pond Diner, Wareham, MA

Click to enlarge picture

Mill Pond Diner, Wareham, Massachusetts
The Mill Pond Diner was produced by The O’Mahoney Company. There are about 20 of this type still operating today. The Mill Pond Diner is one of the company’s “clock-style” diners which are very rare to find today. There has been a Diner on this spot for 80 years. Starting with the original wooden Aikens Diner which became Charlie’s Diner in Worcester to a more modern O’Mahoney that became The Nest in Mattapoisett. The current Mill Pond Diner was Earnshaw’s Diner in Fall River before being relocated to Wareham more than 35 years ago. A Mountain View Diners #309 built diner became the new Mill Pond, until about 1964 when it too was replaced. This time the diner moved a short distance away to nearby Mattapoisett. Since 2003 #309 has operated as the Nest Diner.

South Coast Local Diner (The Nest), Mattapoisett, MA

Click to enlarge picture

South Coast Local Diner (The Nest), Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
The South Coast Local Diner was known as The Mattapoisett Diner from 1964-1997, The Nest Diner from 1997-2010. It is Diner #309 produced by Mountain View Diner Company and was once the Mill Pond Diner and was moved to this location in 1964.

Angelo's Orchid Diner, New Bedford, MA

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Angelo's Orchid Diner, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Angelo's Orchid Diner" started in 1953 as the "Orchid Diner" on the corner of Rt 6 (Kempton St.) and Rockdale Avenue.

Retro McDonalds, Fairhaven, MA

Click to enlarge picture

Retro McDonalds, Fairhaven, Massachusetts
We just came across this McDonalds in Fairhaven MA that looked just like the origionals. Right down to the little hamburger mascot Speedee!!

The Purple Cat, Chepachet RI

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The Purple Cat, Chepachet, Rhode Island
The Purple Cat has been in Chepachet in one form or another since 1929. Under all that wood is not one but two trolly cars. The LaVoie family's restaurant started its life as two trolley cars salvaged from the old Chepacet trolley line, one serving as a diner's seating area and the other as the kitchen.

Old Victory Square Diner, Nasonville, RI

Click to enlarge picture

Old Victory Square Diner, Nasonville, Rhode Island
Under all the wood is a classic Worchester lunch car diner from 1920s. Here are a bunch of pictured of the inside that show the old diner wood ceiling.
Central Diner, Millbury MA

Click to enlarge picture

Click to enlarge picture                                              Click to enlarge picture

Origional Photos from The Worcester Lunch Car Company By Richard J. S. Gutman

Central Diner, Millbury, Massachusetts
Originally a Worcester lunch car back in 1910, this Diner was replaced with Worcester Lunch car #673. This Diner had beautiful graphics on the side but unfortunately the new owners chose not to keep them and painted the diner a sickly yellow! If you would like to see the Central Diner in all it's glory please visit Roadside Architecture.

Update: The owner of the Central Diner contacted me to let me know that the color the diner is painted in this photo is only the primer. This spring, the plan is to have it painted the actual origional colors, beige and maroon. Also, CENTRAL DINER, that was on the front, is going back on when the final paint job is complete.
I will go back and post an updated photo when it is done!

Coffee & Cream, North Smithfield RI

Click to enlarge picture

Coffee & Cream, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
This is a large coffee cup in Lincoln RI that used to be a drive through Coffee Stand. I believe that smoke used to come out of the stack on the top of the cup.