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Comet - Chevrolet Corvair Comparision

Engine & Transmission Comet Chevrolet Corvair
Type In-Line 6 Opposed 6
Location Front Rear
Displacment (cu. in.) 144.3 145.0
Horsepower 85 80
Torque (lbs ft) 134 128
Bore and Stroke 3.50" x 2.50" 3.44" x 2.60"
Compression Ratio 8.7:1 Regular 8.0:1 Regular
Carburetion 1-bbl Dual 1-bbl
Cooling System Water Air
Full-Length Water Jackets Yes No
Spark Plug Size 14mm 14mm
Automatic Choke Std NA
Full-Flow Oil Filter Std EC
Transmission Control Lever Stick
Location of Control Steering Column Floor
"Park" Position on Automatic Transmission Yes No
Chassis Comet Chevrolet Corvair
Construction Unitized Unitized
Suspension-Front Coil Coil
Suspension- Rear Leaf Coil
Turning Diameter (curb-to-curb) 39'11" 39'
Brake Lining Effective Area (sq in) 114.3 120.8
Axle Ratio (standard) 3.50:1 3.27:1
Body Comet Chevrolet Corvair
Exclusive Body Shell Yes Yes
Zinc-Galvanized Underbody Yes No
Finish (Type) Super Enamel Lacquer
Full-Depth, Wrap-Around Front Bumper Yes No
Full-Depth, Wrap-Around Rear Bumper Yes No
Center Fual Filler Yes No
Exterior Dimensions Comet Chevrolet Corvair
Wheelbase 114.0" 108.0"
Over-all Length 194.8" 180.0"
Over-all Height 54.5" 51.2"
Over-all Width 70.4" 66.9"
Tread-front 55.0" 54.0"
Tread-rear 54.5" 54.0"
Tire Size 6.00" x 13" 6.50" x 13"
Windshield Glass Area (sq in) 1232.0 1122.8
Total Glass Area (sq in) 3439.1 3381.7
Shipping Weight (lbs) 2411 2355
Exterior Features Comet Chevrolet Corvair
Bright-Metal Body Side Moldings (full-length) Std NA
Bright-Metal Backlight Reveal Molding Std NA
Bright-Metal Windshield Reveal Molding Std NA
Bright Roof Drip Molding Std NA
Gunsight Fender Ornaments Std NA
Variable Speed Tandem Windshield Wipers Std EC
Dual Horns Std EC
Dual Headlights Std Std
Interior Dimensions Comet Chevrolet Corvair
Head Room - front 38.9" 37.5"
Head Room - rear 37.6" 37.0"
Leg Room - front 44.6" 44.0"
Leg Room - read 40.1" 36.5"
Shoulder Room - front 55.3" 54.0"
Shoulder Room - rear 55.1" 53.5"
Hip Room - front 57.0" 58.5"
Hip Room - rear 57.0" 58.0"
Seat Room - front 11.4" 10.0"
Seat Room - rear 14.2" 11.5"
Trunk Volume (cu ft) 28.5 12.6
Interior Features Comet Chevrolet Corvair
Dual Sun Visors Std EC
Dual Front Arm Rests Std EC
Vinyl Headlining Std NA
Foam Front Set Pads Std Std
Bright-Metal Instrument Cluster and Controls Std NA