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Future Plans 1

This page is a list of future plans for the Comet!

Oiler Kit

Another issues I keep reading about this the 61's is that the oil is slow to get up to the rocker arm. Preferred by Best Mechanics sold a kit to solve this. It sends oil up a tube to the rocker arm cover from the oil pressure guage sensor. You install a coupling where the oil pressure sensor goes and then install the sensor into it. A small copper tube then runs up to the rocker arm cover. I hear finding a complete kit is pretty rare but I got this one on Ebay. I actually saw two but the bidding on the first one went too high.

Backup Lights

Backup lights were an option on the 61 Comet. I did pick up a NOS kit off e-bay that was missing one light. I have seen single lights for sale so I should be able to find one. I really am not sure I am going to use them however. The lights themselves are pretty cool, bullet shaped but I am not sure I like them on the comet. The rear has such clean lines. I am not sure by adding backup lights I hurt the looks. I also found out I need a new switch on the column to add the kit. If you would like to help me decide Click Here.

Backup Lights Part 2

In order to make these backup lights work I found out you needed to change the neutral switch on the steering column to one that has contacts for reverse to turn on the lights. I saw a switch on E-Bay and watched it for a few days until I realized that this was the exact switch I was missing! Now I have almost everything I need, except the left hand backup light. I still am not sure I am even going to use them but I want to complete the kit!

Backup Lights Part 3

I found a nice set of backup lights. Now I have 3! The two I got are much nicer than the one I had. Now I almost have a complete kit! I am just missing one little jumper wire that is needed to replace the neutral switch. If your looking for one backup light please let me know.

Backup Lights Part 4

I found the one missing wire that is needed to replace the neutral switch. I have a complete kit and I have decided not to use it. I just like the lines of the rear of the 61 and I think the backup lights actually make it look worse. I guess I will get the kit as memoribilia..