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My 61 Comet

In July of 2004 I was searching E-Bay for bargins and a thought came into my head to search for a 1961 Comet. You may ask, "Why a 61 comet?". The answer to that questions is simple. I had a 61 Comet as my first car! I bought it for $100 from my Uncle Louie (1915 - 2005) and to this day I always wanted another one. So getting back to E-Bay. I put in my search and actually a few cars came up! As I went through the listings I got the surprise of my life! There was one for sale right in my home town! Skip to July, 31st 2004 and me driving my new Comet home!
Here is a picture of my Comet just before the North Attleboro Christmas Parade, taken by my friend Al!

Now my origional 61 was a different color, Colombia Blue Haze. This one is Blue Haze.

Updates from 2005

12/17/05 Added Comet Promo Shipping Box
Added the shipping box for a promo car.

12/22/05 Added Custom Model
Added custom AMT built model.

12/17/05 Added Comet Glass
A glass with the 61 Comet logo and gun-sights.

12/15/05 Added Logo Key
Added a logo key still in the package.

12/02/05 Added Missing Dataplate Codes
Added missing Trany and Axle codes for 1960 to the Dataplate decode.

12/02/05 Added Premier Comet Model
Added a complete untouched Premier Comet Model Kit,

11/29/05 Added Power Punch Battery
Added a picture of my new Ford Power Punch battery!

11/28/05 Added Premier 4 Model Set
Great little set of 4 compacts in one box.!

11/21/05 Added Motor Age Pagent of 1961 Cars
Has a great article on the 61 Comet called the "A Sparkling Comet"!

11/20/05 Added Comet-Lancer Brochure
Compares the Dodge Lancer to the Comet for 1961.

11/20/05 Added Rinshed-Mason 1961 Ford Corp Colors
Added paint chips for all the 1961 Ford Motor Company cars.

11/29/05 Added 1960 Ford Annual Report
This report introduces the new 61 Comet wagon!.

11/14/05 Added Mercury-Comet Prize Phamplet
Added a Prize Phamplet sent to Comet customers!.

11/14/05 Added Comet Promo Car
Added a Comet Promo Car given away by dealers

11/09/05 Added Comet Logo Print Block
Added a Comet logo print block. Craziest memorabilia yet!.

10/20/05 Added April 61 CARS Magazine
Added a CARS magazine with a Comet restyle article.

10/20/05 Added SOHIO Service Digest
Added a 3rd party service digest for 1961 cars.

10/13/05 Added Colth Samples
Added a sample card of Comet cloth samples.

10/13/05 Added 50 Car Give Away
Added 50 car give away dealer phamplet

10/13/05 Added Promo Model Paper
Added the papers and stickers that came with the dealer promo models!

10/07/05 Added 2 New Models to my Wanted List
Another company made a Comet model other than AMT and a Comet Wagon model!

10/07/05 Added Last A&W Cruise of 2005
Sorry to see 2005 Cruise Season Go.

10/01/05 Added Foxcraft Skirt Ad
Added an ad for Foxcraft fender skirts.

9/26/05 Added Gas Cap Restore
Added a picture of my restored gas cap.

9/26/05 Added FoMoCo Decals to Engine Compartment
Added some decals to the engine compartment to make it more origional.

9/19/05 Added Motor Life
Added the magazine Motor Life for November 1960.!.

9/17/05 Added X-Ray Booklet
Added a Rambler booklet that compares 1961 compact cars, including Comet!.

9/17/05 Added Stock Holders Booklet
Added stock holders booklet that shows the 1961 Ford cars!.

9/17/05 Added New Motor Trends
Added 4 new Motor Trend magazines for 1960 & 1961 with articles on the Comet!.

9/10/05 Added Tasca All Mustang Show
Even though it was an all Mustang show they let our Comets in!!

9/09/05 Added Promo Page
This page shows an example of a dealer promo model!.

9/09/05 Added Fender Skirts
Fender skirts cleaned up and on the car!.

9/09/05 Added The September 6th A&W Cruise Night
Two Comets back again! I think these cars like being parked next to each other!

8/21/05 Added Also Comet page
This page has things other than cars named Comet.

8/13/05 Added clear red spark plug wires
Made a set of clear red spark plug wires! Brings back fond memories of my Dad.

8/10/05 Added Transmission Codes for 62
I add 1962 Transmission codes to my Data Plate Decode thanks to Bud.

8/06/05 Added Carburetor
I add a way to decode your Carburetor tag for 1959-1968 Comet/Lincoln/Mercury

8/06/05 Added The August 10th Tasca All Ford Show
I actually took home a trophy from this show! My first!

8/06/05 Updated Engine Compartment Restoration Page
Added re-painted valve cover pic and new radiator pic!

7/23/05 Added The K of C Antique Car Show
This was my first judged car show!!

7/12/05 Added The July 12th A&W Cruise Night
Two Comets in the same place!

7/10/05 Added Engine Compartment Restoration Page
I added a engine compartment page restoration page!

7/10/05 Added Tire and Rim Restoration Page
I added a tire restoration page!

7/10/05 Added FM converter
I installed a FM converter in the car!

6/21/05 Added a wanted part to the Wanted Page
The last part of the backup light kit I need is a little jumper wire.

6/21/05 Created New Old Style Plate
I used to have a made up license plate on the welcome page. Now it is a 61 style Rhode Island plate.

6/16/05 Created New Site Logo
The logo you see at the top of each page is a composite of a scan and touch up of the Comet logo from the back of a 1961 Comet Maintainence Manual and a decal for use on the top of the air cleaner.

6/9/05 Added Comet 1/24 Scale Model in Origional Sealed Box
Added Comet toy, this time AMT Comet 1/24 Scale Model in Origional Sealed Box!

6/2/05 Added Anguplas Toy To Comet Toys
Added Comet toy, this time made by Anguplas!

5/31/05 Added Link To
Added a page for, great source for Comet parts too!

5/27/05 Added More Comet Toys
Added a page for 1/86 scale EKO Comet and 1/86 scale cereal box prize Comet.

5/25/05 Added Backup Lights Part 3
Added a page for the pair of backup lights I found.

5/25/05 Added Seat Belts
Added a page for the seat belts I am going to add to the car.

5/12/05 Added Comet Toys
Added a page for Comet toys and my first toy a Comet model.

5/6/05 Added info on the Ford Lorain, Ohio Plant
Information on the Fort Lorain, Ohio plant where a lot of our Comets were born..

5/5/05 Added excerpt from a Bill Adams interview of chief Comet designer Robin B Jones
Great insight into where the early Comet styling came from.

5/5/05 Added AM Radio Restoration
Strange story of why my AM Radio didn't work since I owned the car.

5/4/05 Added National Automobile Show program that introduces the 61 Comet
1960 National Automobile Show

4/21/05 Added 2005 Rhode Island area Cruise Nights and Car Shows.
2005 Rhode Island area Cruise Nights and Car Shows

4/18/05 Added CARS magazine article on conveting your 144 engine to a 170.
144 to 170 Conversion Article

4/15/05 New personal Comet website added. While your looking at the new site, why don't you add your own!
Personal Comet Links

4/14/05 Added a great Dealers Manual that has just about everything you wanted to know about the 1961 Comet
Dealers Manual