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My 61 Comet

In July of 2004 I was searching E-Bay for bargins and a thought came into my head to search for a 1961 Comet. You may ask, "Why a 61 comet?". The answer to that questions is simple. I had a 61 Comet as my first car! I bought it for $100 from my Uncle Louie (1915 - 2005) and to this day I always wanted another one. So getting back to E-Bay. I put in my search and actually a few cars came up! As I went through the listings I got the surprise of my life! There was one for sale right in my home town! Skip to July, 31st 2004 and me driving my new Comet home!

Here is a picture of my Comet in front of Tasca Ford. The picture is color but the car is black & white. Signifying the present and the past.

Now my origional 61 was a different color, Colombia Blue Haze. This one is Blue Haze.

Updates from 2006

12/30/06 Added Press Releases
Added 3 Comet 61 press releases from the 1960 Auto Show in Detroit.

12/25/06 Added Radio Pages
Added a couple of pages that have radio interview and statment about the 61 Comet.

12/22/06 Added Promo Mailer
Added another type of Promo mailer for Comet & Meteor.

12/21/06 Added 1961 Guide To Cars of the World
Added Motor Trend Guide to over 200 cars from 1961.

12/19/06 Added Ad Panel
Added a ad panel for the Ford public relations department on the 1961 Comet.

12/14/06 Added Pictures From Our First Parade
We were in our first parade! Check it out!

12/14/06 Added a Comet Matchbook
I added matchbook cover advertising the 61 Comet.

12/13/06 Added a Compact Model Pictures
I added pictures of the parts for each Premier's American Compacts.

12/13/06 Added a Future Plan
Here is a washer bottle I am going to add to my engine compartment.

12/13/06 Added Another Wanted Item
I really want one of these little RI DAV 61 plates.

11/29/06 Added Another Wanted Item
Added a new wanted, A 1961 Dealers Accessories Book.

11/29/06 Added The Ford Rotunda Christmas Book!
Added the 1960 Ford Rotunda Chirstmas Book.

11/22/06 Added Another New Page!
Added a page dedicated to the Ford Rotunda.

11/21/06 Added New Page!
Added come non-comet car links.

11/05/06 Added Automotive Service Digest
Added this service magazine about 1961 American cars.

11/04/06 Added Lancer vs Comet/Falcon Phamplet
Added Dodge Lancer Phamplet.

11/04/06 Added Comet Press Photo's
Added 4 press release photo's.

11/04/06 Added Canadian Comet Phamplet
Added phamplet I already have but from Canada.

11/04/06 Added Belgium Comet Phamplet
Added phamplet I already have but from Belgium.

11/03/06 Added Vintage Comet Photo's
Added two great photo's of a 61 Comet from Texas & Mexico.

10/23/06 Added Canadian Color Wheel
Added a Color Paint Wheel from Canada.

10/22/06 Added a Sturbridge Show
2 Shows that I just visited. No Comet.

10/14/06 Added Phantom Farm Show
I added the Phantom Farm show to the gallery

10/11/06 Added Comsumer Report
I added a Consumer Report on compact cars

10/02/06 Added new Wanted Item
I really want one of these Comet Vari-Vue keychains

10/02/06 Added new Belt Buckle
I found a 25 year Anniversary Belt Buckle from the Lorain Ohio Plant

9/21/06 Added new Comet Model
I have been looking for this Comet wagon for a long while!!

9/16/06 Added new 1/86 Toy Car
Another little 1/86 Comet, this time yellow!

9/09/06 Added 2006 Tasca Mustang Show
Another great car show at Tasca!

9/07/06 Added 1963 Comet Phamplets
Yes I added a 63 Comet item. Check out why!.

8/23/06 Added photos of the Woonsocket Curise
Added a bunch of nice pictures of my first Woonsocket cruise!.

8/19/06 Added a collage of Collectible Automobile Magazine
Added a this collage because my Comet was featured in the article!.

8/17/06 Added a July 1961 Science and Mechanics
Added a Science and Mechanics with an article on the Comet.

8/14/06 Added a 1961 Compact Car Comparison
Added a phamplet that compares the Lark to other compacts including the Comet.

7/29/06 Added 1961 Dog Dish Hubcaps
Added the caps you got if you didn't get the deluxe wheel covers for you 61 Comet.

7/13/06 Added Foxcraft Ad
Added a copu of a Foxcraft fender skirt ad for 61 Comet skirts. Compliments of Al!.

7/9/06 Added Windshield Washer Kit
Added the install pictures of my windshield washer kit.

6/16/06 Added McDonalds Cruise
Added a McDonalds Cruise on 7/7/2006.

6/16/06 Added 1961 Spec Handbook
Added a 1961 spec handbook for Comet, Mercury and Lincoln Continental.

6/27/06 Added Oakland Beach Cruise
Added a Oakland Beach cruise night.

6/23/06 Added Peak Comet Art
Added a page dedicated to Rober Peak Comet Art.

6/16/06 Added Consumer Bulletin
Added a march 1961 Comsumer Bulletin that compares the Comet to other compacts.

6/08/06 Added French Comet Ad
Added a great French Comet & Falcon ad.

6/08/06 Added Some Crazy Pics
Added some pictures of a unique use for a Comet rear

6/07/06 Added Motor's Manuals
Added a couple Motor's Manual that Al got me!

6/06/06 Added New Comet Key Chains
Added a couple of new Comet key chains

6/05/06 Added King and Kreme Cruise Night
Added the King and Kreme Cruise night

6/04/06 Added Putnam Cruise Night
Added the Putnam Cruise night Al, Dina, Annie and I went on..

5/11/06 Added Popular Mechanics
Added three Popular Mechanics, all with articles about the 61 Comet.

5/07/06 Added Car Show
Added John Brown Francis Elementary School 8th Classic Car Show.

5/04/06 Added 2 Comet Patches
Added 2 different Comet patches.

5/03/06 Added Premier Model
Added 1961 Premier model that is different that the other one I have.

4/17/06 Added German Comet ad
Added a German ad for Ford cars including the Comet.

4/11/06 Added A&W Cruise Night
Added the first A&W cruise night of 2006.

4/11/06 Added Engine Pictures
Added more pictures of my enginer restoration.

3/16/06 Added 61 Auto Show Magazine
Added a 61 magazine on the new cars that year.

3/13/06 Added AMT Model Directions
Added a set of model building instructions.

3/12/06 Added Repro Sticker
Added a reproduction of what my price sticker would have looked like.

3/11/06 Added New Logo
Added a new logo to the site, made up of different shot of my car

3/08/06 Added Model Envelope
Added another type of envelope that free model offer came in.

3/05/06 Added Sales Kit
Added Sales Training Kits

2/22/06 Added Part Lookup Catalogs
Added Master Parts & Obsolete-Supersede-Interchange Catalogs.

2/21/06 Added an 11th Memorabilia Page
Added an 11th Memorabilia page with Air Conditioning Phamplet,
Press Release and Comet Fleet information