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My 61 Comet

In July of 2004 I was searching E-Bay for bargins and a thought came into my head to search for a 1961 Comet. You may ask, "Why a 61 comet?". The answer to that questions is simple. I had a 61 Comet as my first car! I bought it for $100 from my Uncle Louie (1915 - 2005) and to this day I always wanted another one. So getting back to E-Bay. I put in my search and actually a few cars came up! As I went through the listings I got the surprise of my life! There was one for sale right in my home town! Skip to July, 31st 2004 and me driving my new Comet home!

Here is a picture of my Comet artistically enhanced by my daughter Kerrin.

Now my origional 61 was a different color, Colombia Blue Haze.
This one is Blue Haze.

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Updates from 2007

11/21/07 Doran Dealership Postcard
Added postcard for a Comet dealership..

11/18/07 Last A&W Cruise of 2007
Added the last show at A&W for 2007.

11/18/07 2nd Annual Phantom Farm show
Added he Phantom Farm show for 2007.

11/18/07 Rotunda Tokens
Added Ford Rotunda Tokens to the Rotunda page.

11/16/07 Comet Postcard and new Postcard page
Added a postcard and a new page just for postcards.

10/26/07 Ford Times
Added a Ford Times with an article ob "The Magic World Of Ford".

10/22/07 Movie Pictures
Added a picture of a 61 Comet in the movie Mondo Bizarro.

10/17/07 The Magic World Of Ford Pencil
Added a pencil from "The Magic World Of Ford" road show and info on Karrell Fox, the creator of the show.

10/16/07 1961 Revue Technique Automobile
Added a French Automotive Technical Review.

10/03/07 Postcard
Another postcard with a Comet in it.

09/30/07 Car Life Article
Added an article from Car Life on the 1961 Comet.

09/30/07 New Home Page Picture
Added a new picture of my Comet artistically enhanced by my daughter Kerrin.

09/29/07 More Engine Detailing
Added more restorations detailing pics..

09/28/07 1960 Comet STERE-O-CARD
Added a viemaster type dealer item for the 1960 Comet Introduction.

09/27/07 Today in 1961
Added a Today in 1961 box to the home page.

09/25/07 Prize Letter and Envelope
Added the envelope and the letter that came with the prize flyer..

09/23/07 Lorain Ford Assembly Plant 40th Anniversary Coleman Thermos
Added a wanted item.

09/23/07 Product Data Book Binder
Added another wanted item, a Product Data Book Binder.

09/18/07 Data Sheet
Added a data sheet from a dealer spec book.

09/13/07 Postcards
Added two postcards with Comets on them.

09/11/07 Stan the Man
Added dealer flyer from Ohio.

09/08/07 Dealer Compare Cards
Added dealer compare cards for Savoy and Wagons.

09/05/07 Restored Spare
Added a picture of my restorad spare and jack.

09/04/07 Ford Info Ads
Added some Ford info ads.

08/15/07 Corvair vs Comet slides
Added some slides from a Corvair training film trashing the Comet..

08/03/07 Website Title Change and Background Change
Made a new website title based on the font on a "The Magic World of Ford" phamplet.
Also added a background graphic.

08/03/07 Added New Magic World Page
Added a page showing "The Magic World of Ford" phamplet.

07/28/07 Added Rotunda Solvent Bottle
Added a Rotunda Solvent Bottle to my engine compartment restoration.

07/23/07 Added More Manor Motor Sales Info
Added a lot more Manor Motor Sales info and 2 more ads.

07/21/07 Added Cruisin Page
Added page with some videos of our Comet Cruisin.

07/21/07 Added Photo with Press Release
Added another factory photo, this one with a press release.

07/21/07 Added Postcard with Comet
Added a Ohio postcard with a 61 Comet in it!

07/15/07 Added New Gallery Page
1st Annual Governors Antique Car Appreciation Day!

07/03/07 Added 61 Comet MM's
MM's made for my 61 Comet.

06/23/07 Added New Movies and TV Page
Added a new page for movies and TV 1961 Comet sightings.

06/20/07 Added new Comet ad
Added a 2 page ad for the Comet.

06/17/07 Added new Prizes page
Added a page for a prize phamplet and one of the prizes itself!

06/15/07 Jen's Place Cruise Night Flyer
Add a cruise night flyer that has my car on it!

06/13/07 Completed Andy Griffith Episode Review
Finished reviewing all episodes of the Andy Griffith show for Comets!

06/12/07 Comet Collector Key
Added another Comet collector key..

05/24/07 Atlanta Journal and Constitution
Added a pull our auto section from an Atlanta newspaper.

05/21/07 November 1960 Science and Mechanics
Added another magazine review of 1961 cars including the Comet.

05/04/07 1961 Rhode Island Plate
Added a Rhode Island plate from 1961 to my car.

04/26/07 Tune-up and Carb Sheets
Added 2 tune-up charts and a Holley Carb sheet.

04/25/07 Upper Midwset Auto Show
Added a page for the Upper Midwest Auto Show.

04/23/07 Spring Carlisle
Added pics from the Spring Carlisle trip on 04/21/2007.

04/23/07 1961 Science and Mechanics
Added a "The New Cars 1961" issue.

04/20/07 Manor Motor Sales
Added page about Manor Motor Sales - Where my Comet was bought in 1961.

04/18/07 Premier's Comet Model
Added this mint Premier's Comet model.

04/18/07 1/86 EKO Comet
Yet another 1961 HO scale Comet. This one is blue.

04/14/07 New York Auto show news reel
Added news reel about the 1961 Chicago Auto Show.

04/13/07 Chicago Auto Show Pin
Added a exhibitor pin from the 1961 Chicago Auto show,

04/10/07 Hartford Times Photo and Ad
Added photo of two Comets and an ad for a Comet dealer found by my friend Al!

04/09/07 Mini DAV License Plate
Added another 61 DAV mini license plate!

04/09/07 Strange Comets
Added a page with strange Comets!

04/08/07 More Santa Parade Pics
Added a few pictures from last years Santa parade I just now got!

04/07/07 LMC Towel
Added a Lincoln Mercury Comet shop towel.

04/07/07 Spoofs Page
Added a page that has altered ads and memorabilia that look like they have to do with my Comey.

04/06/07 New York Auto show pin
Added a exhibitor pin from the 1961 New York Auto show.

04/06/07 LMC Patch
Added a Lincoln Mercury Comet patch.

04/04/07 1961 HO Scale Comet
Added 61 HO scale Comet marked as a 62.

04/03/07 1961 Chicago Auto show
Added a page dedicated to the Chicago Auto Show.

03/24/07 1960 ALCOA Auto Show Preview
Added a great newpaper insert loaded with full color pictures of all the 1961 cars in the 1960 Detroit Auto Show.

03/23/07 1960 Detroit Auto Show Ads
Added a bunch of articles for the 1960 Detroit Auto Show.

03/22/07 1961 Comet Drive Transmission Manual
Added a Fordomatic 2-speed overhaul transmission manual.

03/22/07 1961 DAV Rhode Island License Plate
Added a DAV keychain license plate.

03/20/07 1961 New York Auto Show
Added a page for the 1961 New York Auto Show.

03/09/07 1961 1/84 Scale Comet Toy
Added another 1/84 scale EKO Comet from Spain. This one is red.

03/03/07 1961 French Ford Ad
Added French Ford magazine ad with the full Ford line.

02/21/07 1961 Safe Driver Decal
Added an insurance company safe driver decal.

02/20/07 1961 Ford Comet Ad
Added a "Ford" Comet ad from England.

02/20/07 1961 Observers Book Of Automobiles
Added a book that covers all the 1961 cars produced in 1961.

02/20/07 1961 Advance Information Service Letter
Added an advance information service letter for the 1961 Comet and Falcon from Canada.

02/17/07 1961 Radar Detector
Added another early 1961 Radar Detector and a picture of a 1961 Police Radar unit.

02/10/07 Comet Press
Added more newpaper articles about the 1961 Comet.

02/10/07 1960 Wheels of Freedom Commemorative First Day Covers
Added a section for first day covers that commemorate the 1960 National Auto Show in Detroit.

02/09/07 1960 Wheels of Freedom Commemorative Stamp
Added a stamp that commemorates the 1960 National Auto Show in Detroit.

02/07/07 1961 Radar Detector
Added Early 1961 Radar Detector and Article about it from the Washington Post.

02/06/07 Radio Interview Record
Added a scan of the record with the two radio interviews on them..

02/05/07 1960 Autoshow Ticket
Added an unused ticket to the 1960 International Auto Show.

02/03/07 1961 Comet Ad Page
Added a page devoted to ads in newspapers for the 1961 Comet. I split up the page that had both articals and ads and added more to each.