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My 61 Comet

In July of 2004 I was searching E-Bay for bargins and a thought came into my head to search for a 1961 Comet. You may ask, "Why a 61 comet?". The answer to that questions is simple. I had a 61 Comet as my first car! I bought it for $100 from my Uncle Louie (1915 - 2005) and to this day I always wanted another one. So getting back to E-Bay. I put in my search and actually a few cars came up! As I went through the listings I got the surprise of my life! There was one for sale right in my home town! Skip to July, 31st 2004 and me driving my new Comet home!

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Updates from 2008

12/22/08 Wanted Johnson and Son M-E-L, Inc. Dealership Postcard
Added a December 1961 Kiplinger Magazine with an article on the 1961 Cars.

12/22/08 Johnson and Son M-E-L, Inc. Dealership Postcard
Added a Johnson and Son M-E-L dealership postcard.

12/22/08 Wanted C.B. Knickerbocker's Inc dealership postcard
Added a Knickerbocker dealership postcard to my wanted page.

12/22/08 C.B. Knickerbocker's Inc Dealership Postcard
Added a Knickerbocker dealership postcard.

12/22/08 Robin Jones
Added a picture of Robin B Jones, Chief Comet Designer.

12/15/08 Competition videos
Added commercials from 1961 for some of the Comet's competition.

11/22/08 1961 Visor
Added a 1961 clip on visor.

11/20/08 Postcard with a Comet
Added a postcard of Owens-Thomas House in Savannah, GA with a 61 Comet in front.

11/07/08 Time Magazine article
Added a Time Magazine article linking the Edesl to the Comet from 11/5/1959.

11/07/08 Time Magazine Cover
Added a Time Magazine cover from 11/5/1959.

11/05/08 2008 A & W Final Cruise
Added pictures of A & W final 2008 cruise, 10/25/2008.

11/05/08 New Post Card
Added a postcard from Little America, Wyoming.

10/30/08 Canadian Decoder
Now you can decode 1960 - 1965 Canadian Comet/Falcon/Frontenac Dataplates.

10/20/08 1961 Australian Comet Ad
Added Comet ad from Australia.

10/20/08 1961 Comet Service Bulletins
Added Comet Service Bulletins With Binder.

10/18/08 Kids Choice Award
Our car was picked best by kids at the Phantom Farms Cruise.

10/18/08 Seasons Final Cruise at Phantom Farms
Added pictures of Phantom Farms final 2008 cruise.

10/06/08 New Future Plans
Added future plans for a rear speaker kit.

09/10/08 Our Comet In Legendary Ford Magazine
Added a Legendary Ford Magazine article that features our Comet.

09/10/08 Wanted Stuff
Added a couple of postcards with Comets in them that I am looking for.

09/14/08 Also Ran Award
Added a also ran award to the awards page.

09/13/08 Clasicos Cruise
Added pictures from Clasicos cruise.

09/02/08 Comet Cealer Post Card
Added a dealer postcard to the postcard page.

08/31/08 Comet Post Cards
I would like to find 2 dealer post cards added to my wanted page.

08/31/08 1961 Drag Comet
Added a 1961 Drag Comet.

08/25/08 Mercury - Meteor - Comet ash tray
Added an advertising ashtray for a Comet dealership in Canada.

08/14/08 Rear Speaker Kit
Added a very rare rear speaker kit.

08/12/08 1961 Rhode Island Sample Plate
Added a 1961 Rhode Island sample plate.

08/09/08 Rear Speaker
Wanted item added, rear speaker.

08/07/08 Pixar Cars Comet
Added a Pixar Cars version of my Comet.

08/06/08 60s Bobbing Head Dog
Added the origional bobble head.

08/03/08 French 1961 Comet Info Card
Added a French Comet info card that says 1965 Comet but shows a 1961.

08/01/08 1961 Comet In Front Of Florida Resturant
Added a postcard of Proctor's Resturant in West Palm Beach, Florida with a 1961 Comet out in front.

07/30/08 Tasca Ford Mustang Show Flyer
Added a Tasca Mustang show flyer with our car and our friends car in it.

07/17/08 Starter Manual
Added a Comet starter manual.

07/17/08 Conelrad
Added info on Conelrad to my radio restoration page.

07/16/08 Drag Comet
Added a 1961 drag comet picture.

07/14/08 Added 1961 Syracuse Auto Show Page
Added a page for the 1961 Syracuse Auto Show.

07/09/08 Added Italian Comet Ad
Added a 1961 Comet ad from Italy !

07/07/08 Added Store
Added a store page with Comet products, buy something to support the website!

07/06/08 Added World Wide Page
Added a page dedicated to memorabilia from all over the world for the 1961 Comet.

07/04/08 Added Cereal Prize
Added a 61 Comet cereal prize.

06/30/08 Added A Postcard
Added a post card of a 61 Comet in Hyannisport Village, MA.

06/28/08 Added A New Award
Our Comet won the top 5 award at the June 28th Classico car cruise.

06/23/08 Added Strange Comet
Added a chopped 62 Comet wagon.

06/18/08 Added Cereal Prize
Added a 61 Comet cereal prize.

06/16/08 Added Postcard
Added another postcard with a 61 Comet in it.

06/14/08 Dutch Ford Family Of Fine Cars Phamplet
Added Dutch Ford family of fine cars phamplet that includes the 1961 Comet.

06/12/08 Lancer Comparison
Added Comet to Lancer comparison flyer.

06/11/08 Comet Neon Sign
Added a wanted photo for a Comet Neon sign.

06/09/08 1/86 Scale Comet Toy
Added another 1/86 scale Comet, this one is bright yellow.

06/03/08 Clasico's Restaurant cruise
Added pictures of the Clasico's Restaurant cruise on 06/07/2008.

06/03/08 A&W Cruise
Added pictures of the A&W cruise on 06/03/2008.

05/29/08 Fleet Owner, Warranty Service Guide
Added Fleet Owner warranty service guide with a district sales map.

04/26/08 Champion Spark Plug Contest
Added Champion sprak plug contest giving away a 1961 comet.

04/15/08 1st A&W Cruise Of The Season
Added pictures of the first A&W cruise of the season.

04/12/08 Rear Springs and Shocks
Had new rear springs, NOS shackel kits U bolts and shocks put in.

03/31/08 1961 Comet Press Photo
Added a 1961 Comet press photo.

03/26/08 1961 Comet Partiotic Car
Added a 1961 Comet with a red, white and blue paint job.

03/26/08 Comet Forum
Added a Comet forum.

03/24/08 52nd Santa Parade
Added a the 52nd DANA Santa Parade.

03/23/08 Added Two New Movie Comets
Added the movies Taken and Wildfire, both with Comet sightings..

03/15/08 1961 Comet Cop Car
Added a 1961 Comet cop car

03/15/08 Lorain Plant Pen
Added a pen advertising the Ford plant in Lorain Ohio..

03/10/08 Motor Life August 1961
Added issue of motor life on luxury compacts for 1961.

03/08/08 Another Postcard
Added a postcard with a 61 Comet in it.

03/08/08 1961 Chicago Auto Show
Added a second page for the 1961 Chicigo auto show with pictures from the show.

03/07/08 1961 Chicago Program Cover
The program cover from the 1961 Chicigo auto show.

03/07/08 Lorain Ford Plant Hat
A 35th anniversary hat from the Comet plant in Lorain Ohio.