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Our 61 Comet

In July of 2004 I was searching E-Bay for bargins and a thought came into my head to search for a 1961 Comet. You may ask, "Why a 61 comet?". The answer to that questions is simple. I had a 61 Comet as my first car! I bought it for $100 from my Uncle Louie (1915 - 2005) and to this day I always wanted another one. So getting back to E-Bay. I put in my search and actually a few cars came up! As I went through the listings I got the surprise of my life! There was one for sale right in my home town! Skip to July, 31st 2004 and me driving my new Comet home!

Unfortunatly I do not have a picture of my first Comet
from when I was 16 but here is what it looked like.

My Hub Garage!

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The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
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What's New On The Site

12/06/10 Dealer Postcard
Found yet another dealer postcard.

11/09/10 Movie Comet
Added another movie Comet.

10/27/10 Mystery Newport Diner and Heffernan's
2 more RI Diners that are gone.

10/25/10 Jiggers Diner
Found a great old photo of Jiggers diner.

10/20/10 Quaker Lane Diner
Another "gone" diner.

10/11/10 Another Movie Comet
Found a Comet in a Jerry Lewis movie.

09/29/10 Ernest Breech
Added a picture of the Ford CEO that coined the name "Comet".

09/29/10 Jac LrGoff
Added the correct photo of Jac LeGoff on the Radio spot page.

09/29/10 The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
1971 SiFi movie with a 61 Comet in it.

09/28/10 Ever Ready Diner and Lunch Cars
Added a 1975 photo of the Ever Ready Diner and 2 1890s Lunch Cars, all in Providence.

09/26/10 Peter Pan Diner
Added a matchbook cover from the Peter Pan Diner in Providence.

09/19/10 Edgemere Drive-In
Just happend by this Drive-In on a Diner tour of MA.

09/19/10 3 MA Diners
Visited Chet's, Edge, and Lloyd's Diner in MA.

09/13/10 Dealer Post Card
Found the last of the dealer post card types!.

09/07/10 Rear Speaker Kit
Added a rear speaker kit.

09/05/10 Central Diner and Big Coffee Cup
Visited the Central Diner and the Big Coffee Cup.

08/24/10 Route 66
Added a Comet from the TV series Route 66.

08/24/10 Holy Grail Comet Item
You gotta see this!

08/24/10 Diners? Really
Visited, two Rhode Island diners burried under wood.

08/11/10 Dragnet
A 61 Comet Wagon in Dragnet.

08/10/10 "Salty"
Giant Sea Horse in Mattapoisett, MA.

08/10/10 Retro McDonalds
On our New Bedford Diner tour we found a retro McDonalds.

08/08/10 Mill Pond Diner, South Coast Local Diner (The Nest), & Angelo's Orchid Diner
The Comet visited a bunch of Diners in the New Bedford area.

08/08/10 The Shawmut Diner
The Comet visited the Shawmut Diner.

08/08/10 Sissions Diner
The Comet visited a Diner made from a Trolly Car.

08/05/10 Modern Diner
I added some historic photos of the Modern Diner.

08/01/10 Champs Diner
Well Champs of Pawtucket was not really gone. It was moved to Woonsocket.

07/24/10 1961 Comet Low Rider
This 61 goes low and slow.

07/08/10 I Spy
Added a 61 Comet that was playing a taxi in the 1st "I Spy" episode.

06/26/10 Comet Business Card Spoof
I made up a business card from Manor Motors.

06/23/10 Comet Sales Post Card & Business Card
Added a sales post card & business card.

06/22/10 515 Diner
Converted train car diner with a plywood engine.

06/20/10 Miss Cranston Diner and Mystery Diner in Wakefield
The Comet visited the Miss Cranston Diner and a Mystery Diner in Wakefield.

05/14/10 RI, CT & MA Comet Cruise
A bunch of RI, CT & MA comet owners got together for a cruise.

05/18/10 Diners, Zippy & Dives
The Comet visited the Nite Owl, Miss Mendon and Al Mac diners in MA and the Milk Bottle Resturant also in MA.

05/17/10 Hull Compass
Added the Hull Auto Compass to the Comet.

05/16/10 Where's the Comet
Added Battleship cove to the Comet's visits!

05/05/10 Hull Compass
Going to add a Hull Auto Compass to the Comet.

05/02/10 Blue Plate Diner
The Comet visited the Blue Plate Diner in Middletown.

04/30/10 Dels and Patriots Diner
The Comet visited the Dels in Cumberland and the Patriot Diner in Woonsocket.

04/23/10 First Rhode Island Chevy Owners Association Cruise Of 2010
Added photos of the first Rhode Island Chevy Owners Association cruise of 2010.

04/20/10 First A&W Cruise Of 2010
Added photos of the first A&W cruise of 2010.

04/10/10 Rhode Island Diners that are gone.
Page of diners that are long gone from Rhode Island

04/05/10 Yogi Berra Quote of the Day
Added a Yogi Berra Quote of the Day to the index page!.

04/04/10 Old Rhode Island Diners
Added a page dedicated to old Rhode Island diners.

03/15/10 Another Comet Gasser
Another 1961 Comet gasser.

03/14/10 Comet Gasser
1961 Comet gasser at World of Wheels, Boston 2010!

03/14/10 Comet RestoMod
Cool Comet RestoMod!

03/11/10 Paint Chips
Fixed the paint chip page!

03/10/10 1961 Juke Box
The webpage is a 1961 Juke Box!

03/07/10 Where's the Comet
The Comet visited 3 more Rhode Island landmarks!

03/03/10 Countdown Clock
Our Comet turns 50 on March 10th 2011!

02/28/10 Comet Patch
Added new Mercury Comet patch.

02/22/10 Press Photos and Press Release
Added one B&W press photo, one color press photo and one press release with photo.

02/21/10 More Around RI and MA
The Comet visited a load of places in the past 2 days in MA and RI.

02/21/10 Around RI
Federal Hill, Providence, RI and Moffitt Mill in Lincoln RI were 2 stops for the Comet today.

02/21/10 2 New Diner Visits
The Comet visited Don's Diner in Plainville, MA and Jiggers Diner in East Greenwich, RI.

02/14/10 Ford Rotunda
Added a bunch of Ford Rotunda Pictures.

02/13/10 1961 Comet Dealer Showroom Sign
Very rare 1961 Comet dealer showroom sign.

02/04/10 1961 Edsel Concept Car
Added Proposal for 1961 Edsel which was never produced.

02/02/10 Mexican Popular Mechanics
Added covers of 3 Mexican Popular Mechanics.

01/27/10 Drag 1961 Comet
61 Comet with 351 wind­sor vs. 63 Vette with small block 350 video.

01/25/10 Netherland Phamplet
Added a phamplet from the Netherlands in Dutch.

01/12/10 2010 Rhode Island Cruside Night Page
2010 Rhode Island cruside night page is up with the A&W cruise countdown clock!

01/11/10 Salesman Postcard
Posted a 1961 Comet salesman postcard

01/10/10 Czech Republic Comet
Posted a 1961 Comet from the Czech Republic.

01/10/10 Photo Shoot
Finally posted some professionally taken photos of my Comet.

01/09/10 Air Ride Comet
Added a air ride 1961 Comet to the strange page.