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Our 61 Comet
In July of 2004 I was searching E-Bay for bargins and a thought came into my head to search for a 1961 Comet. You may ask, "Why a 61 comet?". The answer to that questions is simple. I had a 61 Comet as my first car! I bought it for $100 from my Uncle Louie (1915 - 2005) and to this day I always wanted another one. So getting back to E-Bay. I put in my search and actually a few cars came up! As I went through the listings I got the surprise of my life! There was one for sale right in my home town! Skip to July, 31st 2004 and me driving my new Comet home!

Unfortunatly I do not have a picture of my first Comet
from when I was 16 but here is what it looked like.

My Hub Garage!

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12/30/14 Girard's Diner
Added a Girard's Diner coin.

12/14/14 Yankee Clipper Diner
Added photos, post card and information for the Yankee Clipper Diner

12/8/14 Movie and TV Comets
Added a Judge Judy clip with a fight for a 61 Comet

9/01/14 Tommy's Diner
Added a early photos when Diner was in Fall River and it being removed from Rhode Island

8/10/14 Veterans Square Diner
Added a Ashtray from the Veterans Square Diner

7/31/14 New York System
Added the New York System logo

7/31/14 Silvertop Diner
Added a new photo of the diner

7/30/14 Unknown Lunch Cart
Added a postcard of an unknown Lunch Cart on the Crawford Street Bridge in Providence

7/24/14 Top Hat Diner Diners
Added a picture of Top Hat Diner

7/23/14 Blackstone Valley Diners
Added a documentry on Blackstone Valley diners

7/21/14 Miss Cranston Diner
Added an article about Miss Cranston fire and plans to rebuild.

6/22/14 Silver Top Diner
Added a sign for Silver Top Diner

6/21/14 Dinty Moore's Diner
Added a ashtray from Dinty Moore's Diner

6/21/14 Gansett Diner
Added a matchbook from Gansett Diner

6/11/14 Liberty Elm
Major update to Liberty Elm Diner

6/8/14 Hickey's Diner
Added two pictures of Hickey's Diner

6/7/14 Haven Brother Movie
Added ticket stub and Columbus Theator Marque for the Haven Brothers Movie world Premier

6/3/14 Mancini's Service Diner
Single Swap Playing Card for Mancini's Service Diner