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In 1961, Ford Motor Company had something called "The Magic World of Ford". It was a road show that went around the country and showed off all the Ford cars. This show was not just for Fords. It also showed the cars from Fords other divisions, including Lincoln Continental and Mercury. It also had the Comet, Falcon and Thunderbird. At this show, the pamphlet below was given out. Inside was write ups on all the Ford Cars for 1961 as well as magic tricks that kids could do at home.

Here is the cover that actually shows what the show must have looked like.

Here is the page that shows the Comet sedan and wagon for 1961. There are also instructions for 2 magic tricks.

Here is the back with a list of the Ford divisions and cars that are inside.

Here is "The Magic World Of Ford pencil". It says something weird on the end - "If you can't remove this, otherwise, then cut the button hole, as it is seven years bad luck to cut, burn string or break pencil". Since there were magic tricks at these exhibits I believe this pencil is one of them. If anyone knows anything about this pencil please let me know.

Here is another side of the pencil with Ford, Falcon, Mercury, Comet, Thunderbird & Lincoln

Here is another side with "Ford Family Of Fine Cars".

Here is Ford Times from May of 1961 explaining "The Magic World of Ford" show and where it was playing.

Here is a photo of a magacian performing at the road show. This road show was the idea of Karrell Fox (below). It toured for three months with three units in various parts of the United States.