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Memorabilia 1

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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1961 Comet Maintenance Manual

This origional manual has everything I need to know about the Comets general maintenance. This manual was originally used by the Mercury mechanics. This has loads of information and pictures on everything from the engine to the electrical system. I got a reprint at first but when I saw this original I got it too!

This along with my Master Parts & Obsolete-Supersede-Interchange Catalogs is what I use to work on my Comet.

Buyer Guides to 61 Cars

These are 2 buyer guides to all 61 Mercury cars. This phamplet with the '61 on the cover is the same as the other phamplet except the other phamplet introduces the Comet S-22 which is a souped up version of the Comet. I have this because it does devote a good hunk to the Comet, which incidentally came in 2 door, 4 door and wagons! Check out the two page spread on the Comet included in the guide below and the 2 page spread on the Comet S22

Comet Collector Keys & Key Chain

These keys were sold back in the 60's and 70's. They were fancy keys usually with the logo of the car you were driving right on them. This one is still in the package! I have another loose one that I am going to have cut to fit my car. I would love to find a copy of the trunk key with this same head on it. I know the package says 60 and I have a 61 but the "Comet" logo on the key is the same for both years.

Found another key in the package. I think this is a later key but still the same as the other. This one says it was made in Canada. Last but not least is the key chain with the logo on it! I have never seen another one of these!

Found yet another key in the package. Just like the other ones but sold by Taylor.

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Comet Key Chains

These are new Comet key chains. One with the Comet colletor key top and the other with the Comet script that is on the 61 hood.

Comet Promo Car

Here is a promo car that dealers sent to potential buyers. The paper work and card on the left was sent to potential Comet customers with the promo model below. The little stickers were stuck on the model! The way you got this promo was to send in a card from a mailer that was sent to potential customers.

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Comet Promo Car

Here is the shipping box that they send the promo car in. Notice the price to ship, 15 cents! Canceled in Detroit, MI August 1961.

Motor Age Pagent of 1961 Cars

This is a Chilton publication that lists all the 1961 cars. It was from October 1961. It has a great article on the Comet called the "A Sparkling Comet"!

Hartford Times Photo and Ad

Below is a photo from the Hartford Times showing a horse and wagon trying to merge with traffic. In the line of traffic you can see a 1961 Comet sedan and a Wagon. To the left is a ad from the same paper for Moriarty Brothers, Connecticut's oldest Lincoln-Mercury & Comet dealer. These were found for me by my friend Al!

Fleet Owner, Warranty Service Guide

This is a Fleet Owner warranty service guide with a district sales map.

1961 Texaco Map

This is 1961 Texaco Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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