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Memorabilia 2

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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Comet Neon Dealer Sigh

This is like the Holy Grail of Comet Memorabilia!

This sign origionally hung in the Strieter Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Davenport Iowa. Strieter had been in business since 1916 and is one of only two origional Lincoln-Mercury dealerships in the nation.

Thanks to my friend Dan for giving me the chance to own this rare item!
Bobbing Head Dog

A lot of people had these little bobbing head dogs in the back windoes of their cars during the 60s.
These were the origional bobble heads!.

1961 Comet Accessories

This is a great pamplet showing accessories you could add to your comet, or as the phamplet says, "Add to your motoring pleasure". I have added a few of the pages inside the phamplet below.
Here are the pages for optional air and locking gas cap.
What a choice! Seat-belts or an Antenna!.
1961 Comet Give Away

This looks like a way for dealers to get people into the show room. It is a 50 car give away. 50 Comets and 50 Mercurys. Again an example of Comets not being under the Mercury line of cars.
Sticker Shock!

This is a replica of what my window sticker would have looked like. I took a picture of a 61 wagon sticker and changed it to show my information..
Lincoln Mercury Comet Towel!

This is Lincoln Mercury Comet shop towel that has the names and logos for all three devisions. It was given out by B and R Motor Sales in New Castle, PA. The funny thing about this towel is that the Comet logo is upsidedown!.
1961 Rhode Island Plate

I picked up this 1961 Rhode Island License plate that is in great condition. Really makes the car look great!

Click to open page with an enlarged picture

1961 Rhode Island Sample Plate

This is a 1961 Rhode Island Sample License plate. A sample is just that, it's a sample of what the plate will look like for that year!

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