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Memorabilia 3

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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1961 Comet Owners Manual

This is your normal owners manual that came with the 61 Comet. I did not find this, it was the origional manual that came with the car. All the normal stuff. How to operate everything, gauges, general care and maintenance.
1961 Dealers Phamplet

This is something you would pick up at the dealers showroom and take home to mull over buying a new 61 Comet. It shows the Comet as a compact famly car in all kind of situations, from skying to boating to sailing
Fine-Car Styling, Big-Car Ride, Small-Car Handling. This page shows the whole family around the Comet!
Sophistication! Here is the 61 Comet at the regatta.
1961 Comet Interior Cloth Samples

Here is a card with actual samples of 1961 Comet interior cloth selections.
March 1961 Consumer Bulletin

Here is a 1961 Consumer Bulletin that is the Annual Compact Car issue. A picture of the Comet is right on the cover! Bottom line? Falcon and Comet were their 2nd choice in the price range for manual tranmission but only Falcon was their 2nd choice when it came to Automatics..

April 1961 CARS Magazine

This CARS magazine has a crazy article on restyling the 61 Comet as well as the Corvair and Valiant. All I can say is that I like my Comet just the way it is thank you!.

Auto Show 61

This is a special publication in 1961 on all the new cars. It has special articles on the domestic, foreign, wagons and compacts. It has two great layouts on the Comet sedan and wagon!!.
An Illustrated Comparison of US Compact Cars

HA! What a farse this phamplet is! Claims to be an independent comparison of compact cars for 1961. Then why does every page compare the Lark to a different compact car, including the Comet! Guess what? The Lark wins every time. Still it had Comet stuff in it so I got it!
61 Comet MM's

Here are some very rare MM's issues by Rotunda as an accessory for the 1961 Comet! Seriously, my wife made these up for my 50th birthday! What a great surprise!

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