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Memorabilia 5

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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Febuary 1960 Motor Trend

This is a cool issue of Motor Trend. It has an article called "THE EDSEL IS DEAD" . . . LONG LIVE THE COMET! It has a very short article that takes a guess as to what the Comet will look like. It also has a few artist conjectures on what the car will look like. I guess they didn't have a lot of good information! I have to say they got the rear lights right but that was about it! Read the PDF of the 2 page article below.

May 1960 Motor Trend

This is an interesting issue of Motor Trend. It has a featured article on "Car-By-Car Review - A Criticism of 1961 Styling. 3 Stylist's review the design with only 1 praising the 61 Comet's style. What are they nuts!

July 1960 Motor Trend

This Motor Trend has a customizing article of a different type. It is about customizing a Comet or Falcon using a AMT model. Many kits came with extra customizing parts. They show a picture of a very customized Comet, right down to the Continental tire kit.

August 1960 Motor Trend

This Motor Trend has an article that is still relevent today. Trying to stuff a bigger engine into the Comet. In this case it is a 283 Chevy V8 into a 1960 Comet..

September 1960 Motor Trend

This Motor Trend has one small paragraph on the Comet. Just about the same for the other compacts it reviews. It also has a full page on the Comet Wagon. This is part of a review of Testing 10 wagons for 1961..

October 1960 Motor Trend

This is another interesting issue of Motor Trend. This is another review of all the 1961 cars, including the Comet. This is the 3rd issue in 1960 reviewing the 1961 cars.

November 1960 Motor Trend

This is the annual issue of Motor Trend previewing all the new cars for the next year. In this case, 1961! This issue is loaded with facts, figures and photo's of all the new cars. Of course there I a section on the 61 Comet! Why else would I have it.

May 1961 Motor Trend

This Motor Trend actually has a Comet on the cover! And it's red! Inside it road tests 8 compacts including the Comet. On the article title page there is another shot of a Comet. The article itself devotes 2 pages to the Comet. It's title includes the line, "New power quiets the few origional critics" This is a reference to the 170ci engine available in 1961 for the first time.

Motor Life July 1961

This magazine has a small article on the Comet but it praises it a lot. Only a picture of the 170 engine. Price and size comparison charts too!.

CARS Magazine October 1960

This magazine has some interesting articles! Not only does it have a test drive for the 1961 Comet it has an article called "Easy '61 Comet Power For Your Falcon". It is an article on taking your 144ci 1960 engine and converting it to a 170ci engine. Basically just the same thing Ford did! It tells you, you can get all the part from your local Ford dealer! I wonder if anyone has tried to do this today?

Motor Life November 1960

This magazine has an article on the new compacts. It covers the Comet but not a lot. Write up is not fantastic and it only has a front and back part of the car view.

Car Life Comet Article

This is a article from Car Life on the 1961 Comet. It has some great pictures and the article is great! Nice spec section too!.

Car Life Luxury Compact Article

This is a Car Life from 1961 about luxury compacts, including the Comet S22.

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