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Memorabilia 6

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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1961 Comet Factograph

This little slide rule "factograph" compares the Comet to the competition. Just pull the tab and compare the Comet to the Buick Special, Olds F-85, Pontiac Tempest, Chevrolet Covair, Plymouth Valiant, Dodge Lancer, Ford Falcon, Rambler Classic Deluxe and Studebaker Lark. Each model is compared inside and out! Must have been a handy little tool when you were out car shopping.
Armchair Auto Show

This large phamplet, that looks like a small newspaper, was designed to let the auto shopper look at the Lincoln Continental, Mercury and Comet line up for 1961.
1960 Ford Annual Report

I know I have a 61 but in this annual report they show some of the 61 cars and although they don't show a sedan they do show a wagon! They also report Comet sales seperatly from Mecury. They sold 196,971 Comets of all types, 3.0% of the industry.
Rinshed-Mason 1961 Ford Corp Colors

Here are the paint chips for ALL the 1961 Ford Corporation Colors. This includes Ford, Falcon, Mercury, Continental, Thunderbird and of course Comet! My origional comet was Colombia Blue and my "new" Comet is Blue Haze.
1963 Comet & Meteor Phamplet

These phamplets may be selling 1963 Comets but I got them because they are targeting 1961 Comet owners. Each show the improvements in the 1963 Comets & Meteors over the 1961 Comet.
Comet Drive Overhaul Manual

Here is a transmission overhaul manual for the 2 speed Fordomatic. When it was in a 61 Comet it was called Comet Drive!!
Pump Windshield Wipers Kit

I just had to have this! My first Comet had a washer system like this. You actually pumped it with your foot! When I saw this on Ebay, those memories came right back. I am never going to even take my Comet in the rain but I am going to install this in my car. NOS in a beat up box with directions. Check out the kit installed in my Engine Compartment

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