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Memorabilia 7

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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1961 Fairlane, Biscayne, Valient, Savoy, F85, Lancer & Wagons Comparison Sheets

These are little dealer items that look like they were used by the sales people to compare the comet to the competition. It's funny how one phamlet praises that the comet is bigger than the competition and in another praises how it is smaller!

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Here is the Biscayne comparison sheet pulled open.
Consumer Reports, March 1961

This issue is on "How 11 US Compact Cars Compare In Performance"
This is a booklet put out by Rambler comparing their compact for 1961 to 6 other compacts including the 1961 Comet. Bold move if you ask me.
SOHIO Servcie Digest
This is a third party service digest that lists service instructions for all the 1961 cars including the Comet. 2 pages are devoted to each car type..
Ford Motor Company Presents The
Ford Family Of Fine Care For 1961

This is a booklet presented to the Ford stock holders. Inside is a full color page devoted to the 1961 Comet and Comet Wagon
Master Parts & Obsolete-Supersede-Interchange Catalogs
These catalogs along with my 1961 maintenence manual is what I use to work on and look up parts for my Comet. The white page is the cover page from the MEL Binder.

1961 Motor's "Auto Repairs" and "Flat Rate & Parts" books
These manuals were found by my friend Al at a local flea market. What a great surprise when he pulled them out of his car!

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