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Memorabilia 10

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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Service Dealer Repair Form

This is a dealer service form from Murry Motors, Inc. from St Louis, Missouri.
1961 Comet Letter

This is a letter sent to potential Comet customers detailing the new 1961 Comet. Although it is not dated it has to be a 61 since it points out it has a automatic choke which started in 61 and it calls out a visit to your Mercury-Comet dealer. You would visit your Mercury dealer starting in 62.
1961 Comet Upholsteries & Paint Book

This is a upholsteries and paint book for the 61 Comet. It has pages of upholsteries and paint samples. All are on seperate pages so you can look at all the possible paint and upholstery combinations together.
Service Specifications Handbook for 1961

This is small little pocket handbook of service specifications for Comet, Mercury and Lincoln Continental by Registered Mechanics.
Origional Vintage Photo's of a 61 Comet

These are two photo's of a 61 Comet. These look like they were taken with a Brownie Camera. On the back of the Comet in the top picture there is a logo for a car dealership right above the trunk escutchion and lock. It says Turbiville. A google search revealed that "...the Turbiville family was well-known in the San Antonio area....they owned a Lincoln-Mercury dealership out on Broadway in the 50s & 60s...". This was found on a "Roots Website". Notice the Texas License Plate! I beleive the other picture is in Mexico. It is in front of the Hotel Arizpe. I found a Holiday Inn Ramos-Arizpe in Mexico. The front of the Hotel looks very Mexican!
DAV 1961 License Plates

These are little key chain Rhode Island plates from 1961. These were given out by the Disabled American Veterans most likely when you donated to them.
1961 Comet / Falcon Ford Family Of Fine Cars Flyer

This is a cool flyer that shows the Ford family of fine cars and it compares the Comet to the Falcon.

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