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Memorabilia 12

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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December 1960 The Ford Rotunda Christmas Book

From 1953 to 1961, as part of the Ford Rotunda Christmas Display, children were given these activity books. These books were full of poems, coloring pages, games, stories, connect the dots and more. They were also full of all the next years’ cars. In this case the cars from 1961! Below are two pages that show the 1961 Comet! I love the front cover of this one because it shows Santa and his Reindeer in a Ford Van! One of Santa's Reindeer is also named Comet! One last note. All of the book were illustrated by famous children’s artist Richard Scarry!.

October 1960 Popular Mechanics

This Popular Mechanics is the first look at the 61 cars! Including of course the Comet in two black and white pictures!

November 1960 Popular Mechanics

This Popular Mechanics is the first look at the 61 cars in color! Including of course the Comet!

January 1961 Popular Mechanics

This issue is the Popular Mechanics annual auto issue. It has a small section on all the new 61 cars including the Comet. It also has a neat little spec card for all cars for 61. You pulled this out and could keep it in your wallet.

May 1961 Popular Mechanics

This May 1961 Popular Mechanics I had to have. Not only is the featured article about how owners like the 85 (my engine) and 101 hp Comets, the Comet on the cover is the same color at mine is! Inside is an article about the Comets for 61 and how ownsers rate them. Notice the article intitled "Will A Compace Car Really Save You Money".

July 1961 Science and Mechanics

This July 1961 Science and Mechanics has an indept article about the 1961 Comet titles "In The Comet Detroit's Most Sensible Car?".

1961 Science and Mechanics "The New Cars 1961".

This special issue has everything you wanted to know about the 1961 cars, including the Comet. It has a section on large compacts and that is where the Comet is shown. All the cars are compared and there is also a bonus Complete Data Cards - Waller Size included.

November 1960 Science and Mechanics

This November 1960 Science and Mechanics compares all the 1961 cars. For the Comet they compare a Comet with a 144 engine and one with a 170 engine. The article says: "We ran the two Comets from a stand still point about 300 feet from the bottom of a 29% grade. Both started up the grade with the bigger engined car just slightly in the lead. Then the Comet with the big engine started moving rapidly ahead and it topped the rise at 40 mph. The Comet with the smaller engine which hit 38 mph at the bottom of the hill dropped back gradually to 35 mpg at the top. On a 5 mile loop the larger engine car took a minute less to complete one lap. Top speed with the larger engine was 95 mph."

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