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Memorabilia 14

These pages are memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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Radatron Inc Radar Sentry & Driver Alert Radar Detectors

This are early Radar Detectors from the early 60's. They take two AA batteries and clips to the sun visor. I also have the phamplet that came with the Radar Sentry detector. These detectors came out right around 1961 so it goes along great with my Comet. Not that it can break any speed limits!

An article about the new "Radar Sentry", developed in 1961 by Radatron. Washington Post 3/27/1961

And here is a Radar unit that police used in 1961. A far cry from the radar guns of today!

1961 The Observer's Book of Automobiles

This is a great little book that shows just about every car that was produced in 1961, world wide! And yes it has the Comet. It's listed in it's own section even though there are sections for Lincoln and Mercury.
1961 Safe Driver Award

This is a decal give to drivers by the National Protective Life Insurance Company. You stuck it on your windshield and on the back it says that the company would pay for any medical attention the driver needed no matter what vehical they were in. I guess you had to take the doctor out to the car to read this!
December 1961 Kiplinger Magazine

This is a December 1961 Kiplinger Magazine with an article on the 1961 Cars, The annual roundup. It has comparisons between the 1961 Comet and other cars that year!

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