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This page has postcards with 61 Comets in them

Postcard Page 1- Postcard Page 2

Five 1961 Comet Dealer Postcards

These were used by dealers to keep in contact with potential buyers. One has McKenzie Motors written on the back in pen and the other has no dealer info but was from Portland TX. One has the Comet slogan "Priced with or below other compact cars", while the other says "The Value-Packed Compact Station Wagon".

The wagon post card says on the back, "Dear Sir, Has your daughter talked you into buying the Comet Wagon yet? I will appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the car here or I will bring it to Portland.

The sedan is the same color on my first Comet.

The red sedan postcard is one I never saw before. The writting on the back is pre-printed. Notice there is no stamp or address. There is also no salesman name. It is also not personal like the wagon postcard. The writing says: "Dear Sir: New owners say the 61' Comet is wonderful to own because it's the best looking - and the best value at a low, low price. Your Comet Salesman. P.S. Ask for me. I'd like to tell you more about Comet.

The green 4 door postcard looks like it was something the dealer gave to the proud owners of a 1961 Comet and they used it to send a personal message to friends and show off their new car!

The bottom card is actually a postcard of a picture of a red Comet in a woodland scene.
1961 & 1960 Comets On Postcards

Here are two postcards, one of the Plantation Pancake Inn in Ft Myers, Florida. It has a 1961 Comet exactly like mine. The other postcard is of the Kings Motel in Angola, Indiana. It has a 1960 Comet.
1961 Postcard

This is a postcard from Canada showing the Brunswick Hotel with a 1961 Comet parked in front.
1961 Comet On A Postcard

This is a postcard with a picture of Interstate Route 90. Gateway to Scenic Northern Ohio. Right in the lower left had corner is a 1961 Comet. The post card has a cancelation date of October 29th 1973. The cars are all 50s and 60s however. Best thing is that the Comet is blue haze just like ours.
1961 Comet On A Postcard

This is a postcard of the Bridge View Motel in Blue Eye, Missouri with a 1961 Comet parked in front.
1961 Comet Dealership

This is a postcard of the Doran Lincoln-Mercury Dealership in Dallas, TX. Notice the COMET sign and there is the front end of a 61 Comet on the left.

Postcard Page 1- Postcard Page 2