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Restorations 3

This page dedicated to things I have done to the Comet to either restore or enhance!

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Restored Tail Lights To Original

When I got the Comet the first thing I saw wrong was the tail lights. The previous owner cracked a lense and replaced it with a sheet of red plastic cut to the shape of the lense. He replaced both and still had one original lense in the trunk. I found a replacment and restored both to original. Let's face it the tail lights on this car are the most distinctive part! They had to be right!

Restored Dome Light

The dome light lense was badly cracked. Looked like someone put their finger through it! I found a replacment part. Put is a fresh bulb and it's back to working. Below is a pacture of the finished replacment.


These were a great find. They are NOS visors by Ventshades. This company still makes visors today! These are for 1961 4 Door Comets. They came is a box that had never been opened!. Here they are on the car.

Half Moons

Can you ever have enough chrome?? These are reproductions made of stainless steel. They are called half moons or sometimes sad eyes. They cover the top half of each headlight. I have seen these on other cars and I really like the look.... Here they are on the car

Fender Skirts

Here is one of my stainless steel fender skirts installed on the car. I only put these on when the car is on display. I bought these NOS, still in the box! The had a protective masking tape type coating that had badly dried over the years. We tried everything to take it off and finally found Goo-Be-Gone. It worked great! Look at the reflection from the road

Gas Cap

The paint was all banged up from being dropped over the years. It didn't however have any dents! I stripped the paint, primed it and sprayed it with touch up paint from Paint Scratch! Wow! I can't believe how well it matched! Take a look for yourself.

Drivers Side Rear View Mirror

When I got the car the drivers side rear view mirror was ripped right off the base. Mirrors at that time were usually installed by the dealer. Due to that it was impossible to find a mirror that fit the same base holes on the fender. I ended up buying a clamp on mirror and taking just the mirror part and installing it on the origional base. The picture is of the finished restoration.

Our Lady of Grace and Fuzzy Dice

I had to have both of these two items from the past. The Our Lady of Grace statue is suppose to bring you good luck on the road and I have no idea what the fuzzy dice mean but they just seemed to fit!

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