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The Andy Griffith Show Comets

Believe it or not there were many shots of some 61 Comets in the Andy Griffith Show!

It is seen all around town. In a couple of episodes it is used by people driving into Mayberry. It almost hits Barney a few times and Barney hits it!

I have put together this page listing the season, episode, title and description of the show as well as still shots of the Comet in that particular show. I will be updating this page with new clips (as I find them) all the time!

Please note the different colors of the cars found! In the B&W episodes, the Comet that is usually seen looks like it is Sheffield Gray Metallic. I say this because in the Color episodes, a Sheffield Gray Metallic Comet is seen a lot. Then there is one sighting of a Presidential Black Comet in Season 6, Episode 165, “Aunt Bee on TV” and one sighting of a Sultana White Comet in Season 8, Episode 242, "Goober Goes to the Auto Show". The best color seen however is the Blue Haze Comet seen in a lot of the later Episodes!

There are also a few shots of Comet wagons too! Both 60 and 61. Click on the season links below to see the Comet sightings from that season.

Season 1- Season 2- Season 3- Season 4- Season 5- Season 6- Season 7- Season 8

Barney vs The Comet

The Comet Being Worked On

Andy Griffith Show Comets Home

Andy Griffith Comet Shots Stats

Season Comet
1 12 3 29 32
2 38 11 20 31
3 26 11 21 32
4 44 20 12 32
5 23 13 19 32
6 38 12 18 30
7 20 8 22 30
8 29 12 18 30
Totals 230 90 159 249