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Comet Toys 2

These pages are for all my little Comets!

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Premier 1961 American Compacts

This has got to be one of my best finds! It is a 4 model set of 1961 Compacts, including the Comet! They are individual models that came all in the same box! They include the Plymouth Valiant, Ford Falcon, Chevy Corvair and the Comet. Stated simply as Comet, another example of the car not being a Mercury yet! The models are pretty much un-built and intact. Only the Comet (figures) has a few parts put together. Although they have engines included they are not as detailed at the AMT Comet models. They are also 1/32 in size instead of the standard 1/24.

(High Quality Pictures but It's Worth The Wait To Load)

Here is the box cover showing the 4 models included.

Here is the inside of the box showing the individual boxes for each model.

Here are the 4 seperate models removed from the box!

Here is the Comet model box.

Here is one side of the instruction sheet.

Here is the other side of the instruction sheet.

Here are shots of the parts for each model.
Texaco Station with Toy 61 Comet

This is a 1/86 scale Texaco Gas station with my

1/86 Scale Anguplas Comet Model and my EKO Comet model!

(High Quality Pictures but It's Worth The Wait To Load)

Premier's 1961 Comet Model

This is another version of Premier's 1961 Comet Model

(High Quality Pictures but It's Worth The Wait To Load)

Here is the box. It had a nasty bend in it. I sprayed it with water, shaped it and clamped it to dry in the correct shape.

Here are the parts. Some are missing but it does have chrome parts which the other Premier models I have do not.

Palmer Plastics 1961 Comet Wagon model

This is the one I have been looking for. A Comet wagon Model! Very Rare!!

(High Quality Pictures but It's Worth The Wait To Load)

Here is the box. It has a few stains on it but it is pretty much complete!.

Here are the parts. Has some nicely chrome parts and even engine parts!.

Here are the decals. Not the same as on the box. Not sure if they are correct or not.!.

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