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Where Is The Comet? Page 2
This page has photos of our 1961 Comet
taken in front of interesting places.

Where Is The Comet
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Where Is The Comet Diners & Dives
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RI Diners That Are gone.

Diners That Have Gone To Die.

Diners That Are On Their Way Back.
Rhode Island State House, Providence RI

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Rhode Island State House, Providence, Rhode Island
Constructed from 1895 to 1904, the Rhode Island State House is made up of 327,000 cubic feet of white Georgia marble, 15 million bricks, and 1,309 tons of iron floor beams. The dome of the State House is the fourth-largest self-supporting marble dome in the world, after St. Peter's Basilica, the Minnesota State Capitol, and the Taj Mahal. On top of the dome is a gold-covered bronze statue of Independent Man, originally named "Hope." The statue, weighing more than 500 pounds, is 11 feet tall and stands 278 feet above the ground. Independent Man represents freedom and independence and alludes to the independent spirit which led Roger Williams to settle and establish Providence and later Rhode Island.

Lonsdale Drive-In, Lincoln RI

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Lonsdale Drive-In, Lincoln Rhode Island
Located on the banks of the Blackstone River which would flood the Drive-In from time to time. The Lonsdale Drive-In is now a bike path and nature preserve.

Big Blue Bug, Providence RI

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Big Blue Bug, Providence, Rhode Island
"Nibbles Woodaway" is a giant blue termite that promotes the extermination services of New England Pest Control. It's a big blue termite, 58 feet long, 928 times actual termite size. The bug was built in 1980 at a cost of $20,000.

Arnold House, Lincoln RI

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Arnold House, Lincoln, Rhode Island
Built by Eleazor Arnold in 1693, the Arnold House is a rare surviving example of a "stone-ender," a once common building type first developed in the western part of England.

Slater Mill, Pawtucket RI

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Slater Mill, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
In 1793, Samuel Slater, an immigrant, built the first successful water powered, cotton spinning mill in North America on the banks of the Blackstone River in the Pawtucket village, RI. As the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, Slater Mill holds a unique and important position in American history.

Lincoln Woods Covered Bridge, Lincoln RI

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Lincoln Woods Covered Bridge, Lincoln Rhode Island
Opened the park was named for the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln on February 12, 1909. Visitors can enjoy swimming at the fresh water beach, trout fishing, playing ball, hiking, jogging, horseback riding, or just relaxing under a shade tree. The park is 627 acres of lush woodlands scattred with countless boulders and small cliffs. The covered bridge was dedicated in 2005.

Armenian Genocide Memorial, Providence RI

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Armenian Martyrs' Memorial Monument, Providence, Rhode Island
Built in 1999 to commemorate the Armenian Genocide, perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire, which cost the lives of about 2 million Armenians in the midst of the WWI chaos. This is a monument dedicated to the victims in the North End burial ground in Providence, RI.

Sutton Motor-In Drive-In, Sutton, MA

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Sutton Motor-In Drive-In, Sutton, Massachusetts
Opened 1947 it closed 1996