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World Wide Memorabilia 1

These pages are world wide memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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Dutch Ford Family Of Fine Cars Phamplet

This is a Dutch Ford family of fine cars phamplet. The cover translates to "FORD A TRADITION OF THE CAR OF THE FUTURE. Inside it show pictures of the Ford Consul, Taunus 12M, Taunus 17M Turnier Station Wagon, Fairlane 500, Galaxie, Thunderbird, and Comet. It is interesting that the Comet is listed as a Ford but the Monterey is listed at a Mercury.

Inside is a Ford concept car called the levacar.
It says THEN, NOW AND TOMORROW... Ford looks forward!

On the comet it says, "The most beautiful car in the compact class, luxurious and powerful as an American ... easy and convenient as a European - the car, which sturdy 6-cylinder power merges a profitable thrift!"
French Comet!

This is a great ad from France in color and B&W. It shows the "Ford" 1961 Comet and Falcon in the same ad. Check out that Comet! It's a 4-door sedan and the color in blue haze, just like ours.

Here is a translation of the text in the ad

The most successful trend in automobiles: Ford "compacts" 1961. Here is the 16 cv Comet and 14 cv Falcon: with more cars sold that any other car in history. It is the first time that a 6 cylinder has so much luxury and high performances (6 cylinders, 140-145 km/h) with its traditional lines, practical size, simple and economic to maintain. Gasoline; 11 (2.9G) and 9,8 (2.6G) liters to 100 km (62.2M) (21 to 24 MPG). Automatic or manual transmission. Legendary toughness like all Fords. Full warrantee coverage for 1 year or 20,000 km (12427.4M). Priced from 22918 NF ($4583.60) and 19995 NF ($3999.00). Credit available through COFICA. Test drive one of the most successful compact cars this week.
1961 Revue Technique Automobile (Automotive Technical Review)

Here is an French Automotive Technical Review that has a large section to the Ford Falcon & Comet!
Canadian version of the 1961 Comet Models Phamplet
This phamplet is the same as the US versian but it is from Canada.

Click to open page with an enlarged picture

Here is the same phamplet from Belgium in French
"La Plus Abordable Des Americains De Prestige!"
The Most Affordable Luxury of Americans

Click to open page with an enlarged picture

Here is the same phamplet from the Netherlands in Dutch
"Prachtig Van Stijl . . . Machtig Om Te Rijden . . . Handig Om Te Parkeren"
Beautiful Style. . . Powerful To Drive. . . Convenient To Park

This phamplet had a dealer stamp inside. C B Lugtmeier, Stockholmstraat 13, Haarlem Holland
German Comet Ad

Here is an German ad for three Ford cars. The Taunus, the Anglia and the Comet!
Paint Color Wheel For Mercury Meteor and Comet

This is from Canada and the card for the color for my Comet, Blue Haze, says Starlight Blue, or Bleu Nebuleuse in French. It also says "Known As Blue Haze On Imported Mercurys".

Mexican Popular Mechanics

These are Popular Mechanics that were printed in Mexico

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