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World Wide Memorabilia 2

These pages are world wide memorabilia I have collected about the 61 Comet

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French Ford Ad

Here is a French ad for Ford and it includes the 1961 Comet. It starts out stating this is the 196 Ford Line and end with, "There is a Ford in your future?"!

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Here is the translation:

1961: Ford introduces their 1961 line. This is an exciting time for the automobile. With the close of trade barriers, the large companies will work to be known. The big companies will use quality and prices against each other with the motorists benefiting. In fact, it is already happening. Examples? Did you know that today you can own a Ford, 6 cv Anglia, the most exciting and comfortable of all the small cars, for 6.970 new francs? Do you know that the 9 and 10 cv Ford Taunus - at the dealer - are sold at the very competitive prices of 9,245 and 10.265 nre francs? Did you know that the 6 heavy duty Ford Trader trucks (1,5t to 7,5t) are the most economical trucks you can buy in France? You will find every Ford to be well built and easy to maintain. Engineered without precedent: Ford, not only makes the Angila and Taunus cars with 6 to 40 cv, Ford introduces its “compact” Falcon and Comet, its large luxury cars, its Taunus Transit, its Ford Trader trucks, its Fordson tractors, its industrial engines, and a powerful network of dealers for service in France and around the world. That covers everything about Ford today, with the best to come. Now, look above at some of the most famous Ford profiles…. There is a Ford in your future!

(cv is a measure of the taxation of the vehicle depending on the horsepower)

1961 Comet/Falcon Advance Information by Ford of Canada, September 30th, 1960

This was a service letter that gave repair men advance stats on the 1961 Comets and Falcons, put out by Ford of Canada.

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1961 Ford Comet Ads

Everywhere else in the world the Comet was sold as the Ford Comet. Here is an example of one ad from England and one from Australia.

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1961 Italian Ford Comet Ad

Everywhere else in the world the Comet was sold as the Ford Comet. Here is an example of an ad from Italy for the Ford Comet.

The text translates to


COMET 265000 sold in the first year of production

Enjoy the comfort and prestige of an American "compact" car! The FALCON and COMET are now on sale at European prices!

COMET price from 2,450,000 lira

Both cars have 6 seats, automatic on-demand, available with two engine types: 85 hp and 105 hp

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1961 French Ford Comet Card


Under pressure from European import cars, Ford group launches in 1960, the Mercury Comet and the Ford Falcon, two compacts equipped with a small six-cylinder 2.3 liters.


More than the Falcon, Comet is the first sedan has with two and four door, and wagon. But from 1962, many versions will enrich a range which will continue to widen. The convertible appeared in 1963, with two V8 145 hp and 164 hp are offered for the first time as an option. The following year are launched four models of Comet, each of which, according custom American, is available in several versions of bodywork. They are found in 1965, with a design renewed: the types 202 and 404 exist in two sedans and four doors, and wagon. Caliente in the sedan, coupe and convertible, and Cyclone exclusively tends to cut sports. The engine is now a six-cylinder 3.3 liter, except that the Cyclone receives the Ford V8.

A Cyclone Muscle

In 1966, while the Model 404 is renamed Capri, wheelbase of the Comet wins five centimeters, and its proportions and become those of an "intermediate". Affirming its sports, the Cyclone receives, in its new GT version, a V8 6.4-liter 265 hp drives, optional, and even 275 hp to 335 hp. It is desor-but available in convertible. In 1968, Cyclone becomes a model independent.


Engine: 6 cylinder in-line valve head; displacement, 3 278 cm3; power, a 120 hp 4 400 rpm.

Transmission: speed manual box has 3 or 4 reports, or automatic, rear wheel drive.

Dimensions: wheelbase, 2.90 m; way forward, 1.40 m; way back, 1.42 m; weight, 1 200 kg.

Performance: maximum speed 145 km / h.

Initially launched as "compact", Mercuiy Comet evolve in size, weight and performance, vets category cars middle of production United States.

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